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Health Policy Program

The Moral Case for Reform

America can do better.

It is unacceptable for hard-working Americans to go without affordable health care. As members of a community, we have a moral obligation to guarantee that our fellow Americans have health insurance so they can access quality, life-enhancing care when they need it.

Health insurance saves lives. Thousands of Americans die every year simply because they do not have health insurance and cannot access care.

Quality health insurance provides access to important preventive services and needed care. Uninsured Americans die sooner and remain sick longer than the insured because they lack access to necessary care and preventive screening.

Not all Americans get the care they need. Americans currently have unequal access to health care services and experience unequal health care outcomes because of race, ethnicity, and income. Over time, disparities in access to preventive services, treatment of acute illnesses, management of chronic diseases, and timeliness of care will continue to worsen without action.

Too many Americans are worried about how they are going to pay their health care bills. Lack of health insurance threatens the financial stability of individuals and their families.

Americans should be free to pursue their dreams and reach their potential. The current health system forces workers to stay in their jobs because they fear being unable to secure affordable health coverage on their own.

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