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Israeli Self-Defense Does Not Permit Killing Civilians | New York Times

  • By
  • Daniel Levy,
  • New America Foundation
July 23, 2014 |
Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005; now Hamas is firing rockets at civilians; Israel has the right to self defense – the endlessly repeated question is “well, what would you do under such circumstances?”

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Microsoft’s Top Lawyer Is the Tech World’s Envoy | New York Times

July 20, 2014
“He brings a much more Washington sensibility to the West Coast than many of his peers,” said Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former State Department official who now runs the New America Foundation and attended Princeton University with Mr. Smith. “He recognizes the necessity of government engagement. Government is not just an entity for favors. It has to be part of the solution.”

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More on American Colleges’ Standing in the World | New York Times

  • By
  • Kevin Carey,
  • New America Foundation
July 7, 2014 |
Last week I wrote that, contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no reason to believe that American colleges are, on average, the best in the world. A number of people who responded, including several in letters to The Times, raised issues worth addressing more broadly.

What Tim Geithner Got Right

May 6, 2014

Mr. Geithner was right when he told Liaquat Ahamed in an interview published in the New Republic that “there is an ongoing political effort to legislate a weakening Dodd-Frank or block political appointees,” but he was wrong when he added, “That effort ...


The Bane And The Boon Of For-Profit Colleges | New York Times

February 25, 2014

Ben Miller, an expert on education policy at the generally liberal New America Foundation, is sympathetic to the Education Department's effort but argues that the proposed rules don't directly address high dropout rates. And they would allow the ...

Jihadist Return Is Said To Drive Attacks In Egypt | New York Times

February 5, 2014

“Egypt is again an open front for jihad,” said Brian Fishman, a researcher in counterterrorism at the New America Foundation in Washington. “The world is being turned on its head, and, for the United States, the ability to rely on Egypt as a ...

The Myth Of Industrial Rebound

  • By
  • Steven Rattner,
  • New America Foundation
January 25, 2014 |

Science|Best-Selling Science Books | New York Times

January 13, 2014

Little Brown. Decades of education at NASA and in outer space provide adrenaline-filled anecdotes. (4). 6 FIVE DAYS AT MEMORIAL by Sheri Fink. Crown. The case of a New Orleans surgeon suspected of euthanizing patients during the Katrina disaster.

Roger Ailes' Permanent Pushback Campaign | New York Times

January 12, 2014

Besides, there are only two audiences that would seem to matter to him — Rupert Murdoch and Fox News viewers — and neither could give a rip what “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” an unauthorized biography of Mr. Ailes by Gabriel Sherman that goes on ...

Gabriel Sherman's 'Loudest Voice in the Room' | New York Times

January 12, 2014

He began appearing at local meetings, Gabriel Sherman writes in his new book, with bodyguard and lawyer in tow, demanding to be heard in opposition to a zoning plan intended to limit future development. He drafted Republican candidates to run for town ...

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