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Health Policy Program

About This Program

Health Care

The Health Policy Program at the New America Foundation applauds the recent passage of comprehensive, national health reform legislation. As we have outlined in the Case for Health Reform, comprehensive reform puts our nation on the path towards economic security, stability and growth. By maintaining our national commitment to health reform, we can achieve high quality, sustainable, affordable health care for all Americans.

Our Role in the Debate
Throughout the national health reform debate, the Health Policy Program worked to advance and protect a fact-based health reform dialogue. Our program brought together economic, legal, communications, and legislative experience, and utilized those resources to advance the cause of health reform by interpreting and responding to health policy news in real time, facilitating conversations between policymakers and stakeholders, and publishing policy papers on health care system problems and possible solutions. Our experts testified before Congress, spoke publicly before national audiences, and served as valuable resources for the media. As the conversation about reform turns from legislation to implementation, the Health Policy Program will continue to produce daily analysis of the many efforts to define, interpret and coordinate reform initiatives on the New Health Dialogue blog.

The Importance of Bipartisan Leadership
Bipartisan leadership will ensure health reform sustainability. The need for strong leadership extends beyond Congress and the Administration to business, labor, and health system stakeholders and the American people. If this leadership is to thrive, we must protect a fact-based policy discussion from damaging rhetoric.

Health Policy Program Projects and Resources

Health CEOs for Health Reform. A diverse coalition of health care leaders who share a unique willingness to transform their business models to create a more sustainable health system. Founding members include: Billings Clinic, Blue Shield of California, Catholic Healthcare West, Denver Health, Merck & Co., Inc., and the Virginia Mason Medical Center.

New Health Dialogue blog. Our daily blog focuses on the intersection of health policy and politics. Specifically, the blog creates a timely dialogue related to the health care cost, coverage, and quality.

State of State Health. Interactive data resource featuring state-specific maps and information on the status and future of health care in America in the absence of comprehensive reform. Find out how your state is doing, and the real cost of wavering in our current commitment to fix our broken health system.